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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Welcome to my 2nd blog! For those who missed my first blog, please do not hesitate, and read it here. There’s some interesting stuff that I shared last week including motion graphics, computer animations, and my educational background, so go check it out!

I had an exciting week and I’m very chuffed to write this blog as I’d like to share couple of things with you and shed some more light on what I do. Today I’d like to dig deeper and give you an explanation of what motion graphics stands for, what was the main reason why I chose it, and how it inspires me to be a better version of myself.

Why did I chose Motion Graphics as a career path?

Motion graphics is a form of graphic design that combines animation and visual effects to create moving images. It can be used in various mediums including movies, television, advertising, and digital media. The term “motion graphics” is often

used interchangeably with “motion design”, as both refer to a very similar field of visual communication. These two terms complement each other in a very subtle way. Motion design is the process of creating visual content to communicate a message or idea. It can include elements such as typography, illustrations, and photography. Motion graphics take this step further by adding animation to the mix, allowing for the creation of dynamic and engaging visuals.

It may sound complex but it really isn’t. And you may ask why did I decide to become a motion graphics aficionado? Well, choosing a career path can be a daunting task, but for me, the decision to pursue a career in motion graphics was an easy one. I knew from a young age that I had a passion for digital art and a desire to create visual content. I also found great inspiration in the school of motion while at university, which helped me to develop my skills and knowledge in the field of motion graphics. What really sealed the deal for me was the passion and dedication of the individuals within the school of motion.

Why did I chose Motion Graphics as a career path?

Their love for the craft and drive to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in motion graphics and graphic design were contagious. It is really the first time I understood that surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a key to success – the energy of the very best ones in the field will eventually rub off on you, making it more likely

that you will adopt similar behaviors and attitudes.

As a motion graphics designer, I have come to realize that my passion for this field goes far beyond just creating visually stunning content. The process of bringing an idea to life through animation and visual effects has a profound impact on not only the final product but also on myself as a person. The ability to convey a message and evoke certain emotions through the use of movement, color, and sound is truly magical and inspiring. Being a part of this process is an incredible feeling and it never gets old.

Why did I chose Motion Graphics as a career path?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog about my passion for motion graphics and the role that the school of motion played in my decision to pursue this unique career path. I hope that my words have been able to convey the excitement and inspiration that this field brings me. Keep creating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world ofmotion graphics! See you soon!

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