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Yoyo! Welcome to my 5th blog! Last week I wrote down some facts about motion graphics and animation and what are the main elements differentiating these two terms. You’ll find my blog here. Today, we’ll explore all that is to sound design and its role in the world of motion graphics and motion design. So, why do motion designers always suggest hiring a sound designer separately?

Short answer – it’s extremely difficult to master both motion design and sound design; long answer – keep reading the blog. Motion graphics and sound design are two critical components of many visual storytelling projects and, while they may seem unrelated, they often work in tandem to create an immersive and engaging experience for audiences. Motion graphics provide visual interest and sound design complements the visuals by building a unique atmosphere in order to create an emotional impact.

Let’s go back to the main question – why do motion designers advise hiring a sound designer separately? There are several reasons why:

Sound design is a specialized field that requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. A professional sound designer will have the expertise to create a soundscape that complements and enhances the motion graphics, while also ensuring that the audio is technically sound and that it is synced correctly with the motion graphics. As a motion designer that worked in the industry for some 10 years, I can affirm that sound design requires more than just drag-dropping sound effects. Personally, I often hire a sound designer to make sure that the sound is consistent throughout the project and that the levels are well-balanced.

Secondly, working with a separate sound designer allows for more collaboration and improved creativity. I can work at ease knowing that someone will take care of the sound effects which improves my focus on the project. Also, sound designers can bring unique perspectives and often provides ideas that motion designers may not have considered. To conclude, graphic designers and sound designers can find creative solutions that enhance the overall experience of the project.

To summarise this blog, I can truly state that sound designers can bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and unique creativity. By working closely with them and incorporating their tips and ideas, graphic designers like myself can create more engaging and memorable projects for audiences. I hope this blog was as joyful to read as it was to write. Next blog we will talk about brand logos! Stay tuned!

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