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 Educational videos for teaching kids english grammar // Motion Graphics & illsutrations

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Level 3 & 4 protagonists- Gorilla, Tortoise,Tiger and Panda

Four adventurous and curious protagonists - Gorilla, Tortoise, Tiger and Panda - leads us throughout their missions and experiences on planet Earth. Learning about kids', their activities, schooling programme and schedule while simultaneously learning about themselves and their friendship. 

First part of this project: 24 series of adventures are concentrated on teaching grammar in fun, light, acceptable way while centring it around joys of life and exploration. 

Together with Creative Listening, we have created 46 films that are aimed at learners of English in mainstream Spanish Primary Schools. Whole project is divided into two parts: Level 3 & 4 is directed to 6-9 year old kids, while Level 5 & 6 targets the 10 -12 year old youth group. 

Character development

Second part of this project: 22 series of 'H-Team' blog style animations, capturing their daily activities, exploring historical topics, playing games while teaching 10-12 year old kids English grammar.

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